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Property investment is significant business, and, if done appropriately, can quickly become positively lucrative. It concerns the acquisition of a property. Normally one that is still being constructed (off-plan property), with an idea of improving it. Either selling it again after or renting it out in order to achieve a return. Moreover, investing in property is a popular strategy for long-term capital growth and wealth building. Property investment can result in greater returns than other asset classes and has historically been one of the safest investments around. Property investment can be made through a wide range of methods, but the most common are:

  • Buying a property outright using cash
  • Buying property via credit, on a rented or leased basis
  • Investing in property funds
  • Renting property

The properties in which investors can invest are diverse and range from residential properties. Commercial properties, industrial, farm properties, and land. Investments typically come in the form of stocks or bonds. Property investment can also be made in the form of other types of investments. Including:

  • beneficial co-ownerships
  • condominiums
  • cooperative housing networks and homes.
  • Grants/loans for low-income housing development and construction.
  • Investing in new developments (such as golf courses, hotels, and resorts)
  • or acquiring existing developments.

Property investment is big business, moreover, if done properly, can quickly become highly lucrative. It involves the purchase of a property, typically one that is still being built (off-plan property), with a view to enhancing it and either selling it on or leasing it out in order to gain a return.


Uncover the South Pacific top island seaside destination. A personal escape of unpaired natural attractiveness lodged on the South Western coast of Polillo Island, Philippines. AKAMAI in the Hawaiian word is for “WISDOM”. Delivers its residents with fully furnished luxury residences with intelligent technologies in a safe virus free atmosphere. With fresh ambiance in a quiet peaceful setting. A luxury lobby, mesmerizing fountains, and swimming pools in a truly elegant lounge present its 5 Star amenities and benefits. The lifestyle of Exclusivity and Prestige that everyone wants, but only very few can have.

Drawn from its Panorama and Stability, Akamai Diamond Resort is a secure sanctuary in the Philippines as a famous luxury beach development. Outdoor sports include swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, fishing, jet skiing, and paddle board. Moreover have beach volleyball, hiking, biking, island hopping, and trekking in a luxury yacht or speed boat. When it reaches to possessing a slice of heaven, choose wisely in an establishment with unspoiled shore beauty for prospective equity value in your portfolio. Akamai Diamond Resort delivers owners a high-value submission to its new paradise discovery.

Top 10 Reasons Akamai Grand Resort Is The Best

  1. locations (beachfront property)
  2. 5-star quality
  3. Serenity
  4. Full staff services 24/7
  5. Investment value
  6. Healthy living (virus-free suites)
  7. Activities (land, air, sea)
  8. Security 24/7
  9. Sustainability
  10. Aquaponics system (onsite organic vegetables and seafood production)


  • Structurally safe up to 8.0 earthquake
  • Social responsibility to local residents (education, job training, housing, food bank)

Get your slot to have an investment in Akamai Grand Resort now, and for information please contact:


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What is Property Investment? – AKAMAI GRAND RESORT