Rainbow After Rain – Cute Smile On The Face Of The Blue Sky

Unique Article – Hello world. How are you?. Ah, I can see you’re still so beautiful with the sunlight illuminates you. High building around, big shady green trees, and… yeah, heavy traffic everywhere. The scenery that I have to live with, every day from a couple months ago since I move back to Jakarta, Indonesia.

I was back to Jakarta for someone that I want before, someone that I think could be my future partner until I close my eyes and leave this world. Hmm, but it was just a history now. We will never know what would happen to our future. And yes, everybody asks a question to me. The same question to me. Hey how are you?; are you doing good?; are you okay?. And I just answer, I’m good, at least, I’m still alive.

Actually, I want to answer, “No, I’m not doing it well. I’m doing great. I keep living my life without any grudge”.

Today, as usual, I already hit on the road to go to work. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you before. Thank you, I’m okay and I already get a job in Jakarta now. So in the morning around 6:30 am Jakarta time, I already have to go to my working place. It’s quite far, but not really far actually if there’s no traffic. “If”, if no traffic. Seems it will be strange if Jakarta doesn’t have the traffic jam.

The sun already shows up in the blue sky, and I still feel a little cold. My hands on the wheel, staring with a little empty gaze. Listen to the songs that I played. And keep asking to myself. What would happen to me today?. Is today will be only a regular day, or could be something interesting happen today?. Seems no one really know what would happen in the future.

Around more than an hour, I finally manage to arrive at the office. I rarely experience a late for working hour. It’s doesn’t mean never. But if I do late, it’s mean something unpredictable situation has just happened. Arrive too early, is become my habit. Coz I think, better come early than late.

I’m still a new employee at my working place. I’m just a new guy. Oh oh, sorry, not a new guy. A fresh boy I guess, it’s more describe me well (^.^). I’m the smallest one compare to the other guys normally. Looks like a kid, people will start a joke to me if they know I’m working at the office, like: “Are you already have the permission to working?. Don’t you suppose to go to school?”. Hah.. (-_- )哼!…

My working table is clean. Of course, it’s very clean, I’m still new and don’t have so many things yet. Just 1 pc, 1 monitor, with portable keyboard and mouse using a bluetooth connection. I just start working around 1 hour. And then suddenly my friend call me, said someone is looking for me right now, right here, in the office already. That someone is waiting now in the office lobby.

My head start thinking, “who the hell is looking for the new boy at a time like this?”.
“Ok ok I’m coming”, I answered my friend call, and start walking and leaving my desk for now.

In the office lobby. near the glass door, have a simple sofa with the wallpaper on the wall, wallpaper about the company that I work for, I saw that someone. Oh, so that someone is a girl. A new girl that I never met before.

“Hello”, I just greet Her and introduce my name. And She did it too. Oh.. now I know who is the girl standing in front of me now. My boss already told me before She will come, but actually, I didn’t remember is my boss told me today?. I don’t think so, because I really don’t know She will come today from another country to Jakarta.

Yeah, She came from another country. And I remember Her name exactly, We already have a chat or email every time in working hour. Because I’m working for Her too. I please Her to come in and welcome Her to use the meeting room first, coz it’s so sudden. I just have a quick thinking that meeting room is the perfect place for Her for the first time because it will feel private and She can do Her own things first before She meets my superior. So I bring Her and please Her to have a seat.

Oh… you wanna know about Her?. Well, I will describe Her to you. She has the appearance of an Asian mostly. Long black hair, white skin, big eyes, She wear a black blazer with a short skirt that suitable for Her suit. And ‘baby round face’. Very cute face and I bet She’s still so young, coz She has a face like kids. But forget it, I don’t really know Her and don’t know anything about Her, except, She has a job to lead me and guide me for my position.

We do have a chit chat, and I feel She’s a kind person too. But who knows, we just met. She guides me and teaches a lot of things about this job position. Very interesting to know a lot of new stuff, and very interesting to know that She’s a very smart woman. I don’t really remember when did it start, but we start talking something about where did she come from, and where is my home location. And suddenly I just said:

“My house is near the airport. Why didn’t you told me when you arrive, or later I can accompany you to the airport if you want to fly back to your home country”.

I feel and have a quick think.
Shit, what did I said!?. I’m not a person who is really can offer something like this easily. I can’t be too enjoy with a new stranger that I just meet. And how if She thinks I’m like a bad boy, and reject me directly?. I thought I really stupid, but it just happened, and I don’t know why I said that.

She said, “Oooh thank you, ok ok…”.

Ok, now I’m confused. I feel She’s different. Well then, just keep going, I already said it, I will accompany Her while She’s in here, until She’s going back to her hometown. We keep talking and I feel, really comfortable to talk with Her. I feel like I have a rainbow after rain now. I just made a new friend. Really good feeling. To meet a new friend that I feel happy to talk with, it really makes me forget all the sadness before. It really feels like I see the colorful rainbow after rain.

“Do you have some places that you want to visit while in here?”, I just ask Her again.

“I don’t know yet”.

“Then try to take a look on google. See the tourist sport that you might find and make you interest, I will bring you there and accompany you like a tour guide. Too bad if you just sitting around.”.

While a moment has been passed. And I feel like, I think She’s really doing a research, I will just wait.

A notification shows up on my phone. Her name in the chat. I opened it, and I read it.

“Finally, I read some ….”. Looks like She already makes a decision.

She told me the place that She wants to visit and I just freezing a moment and think, what a choice. Because I just think for some places that usually my others friend like to go. But She? She choose a place that I never thought about it before.

“Oooh you like that place ?”, I said.

“Yes yes, looks good”

“Ok noted, tomorrow around 10 am I will arrive”.

Rainbow After Rain – Cute Smile On The Face Of The Blue Sky

On the day I pick her up as I promise, 10 am I arrive at Her place while in Jakarta. And go straight to the place that She wants to visit. I do really happy on the day. I really make a new friend that can make me forget my bad days for a moment. I really enjoy this rainbow after rain. And for the moment I staring at Her and I think, hmmm.. I do like Her cute smile on the face of the blue sky, ‘baby round face’. She’s really a good friend of mine. I do really love Her smile and want to see She’s happy all the times. Hope She having fun and enjoy here…


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Rainbow After Rain – Cute Smile On The Face Of The Blue Sky